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Sardinia is an Italian island located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its geographic position makes it an attractive vacation spot, as it is about just one hour flight from most of Europe, while being in Italy, even in a very different environment – but with all the advantages as food and language

Being an island, Sardinia has kept its traditions without mixing it with bordering regions.

Sardinia has 3 airports, strategically located, that connect the island with the main Italian and European cities.
It has also many ports that, with regular service, connect the island with Italian ports and Spanish and French ones during the summer season.

Sardinia has about 1.600.000 inhabitants, with a low population density. The Sardinian people are presently the object of a study as their DNA results are the oldest in Europe, and also because in Sardinia (so as in Japan) there are many centenaries and they are considered one of the long-lived populations in the world.

The biggest canyon in Europe is in Sardinia (Su Gorroppu), so is the biggest European desert (in Piscinas area).

The Sardinian wines, since some years ago, came from a familiar production to a winning position among the best wines in the world, with many recognitions from the main fairs and events, and now they are exported to the main markets in the world.

The Sardinian food has antique recipes that were passed from mother to daughter along the years. They are served in the local holiday farms.

Nature is a protagonist in Sardinia. Empty, wild spaces, unique landscapes free of pollution make Sardinia a unique destination, with a Mediterranean climate that makes it possible to enjoy the different attractions of the island for quite the whole year.