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Wineries in Sardinia

Here you can find all the wineries in Sardinia where it is possible to taste and buy local wine. In some wineries, it is possible to have also a guided tour to visit the whole winery.

Sardinian wines became more important lately, winning prestigious prizes and putting Sardinian wineries among the prestigious Italian ones that export to the most important markets in the world.

Visiting Sardinia you can visit different wineries, tasting local wines but also the ones created with expertise, mixing local native vines that will surely please your taste. From Vermentino di Gallura to Cannonau, not forgetting Vernaccia, there are choices for everyone.

Almost all wineries ask for a reservation, so it is important to call them in advance. On the map below you can click on an icon to find its phone number and website, where available.

Wineries in Sardinia – Where you can taste the Sardinian Wines



Since a couple of decades ago, wine in Sardinia was produced in an amateur way. Each owner produced his own wine from his own courtyard using the common knowledge, with no education regarding the whole process but learning through trial and errors.
The result was poor wines with a short life and, often, not at all balanced.
The arrival of the important Sella & Mosca winery in Sardinia worked as a starting point for quality production, which developed very well and, in a short period of time. Today Sardinia offers great wines that win important prizes in all the world.

There are many native Sardinian vine varieties. Some well known as Vermentino, Monica (it is known as one of the oldest introduced in Sardinia) or Cannonau. But the choice is wide and of high quality. Among the most well known ones also Bovale, Vernaccia, Cagnulari, Malvasia, Torbato e Moscato.(source: Wikipedia)