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Sup in Sardinia

SUP, Stand Up Paddle, is a sport officially born in 2004, but people say that already during the XVIII century, Captain Cook saw Polynesian natives fishing using lances while standing up on boards, using paddles to move.

Today SUP is very popular for its easiness to practice but also because it doesn’t request any special physical need to be practiced. It is really for all and it could be considered a fusion between surf and kayak.

Ekolu Kalama, a SUP champion, in a few sentences summarize what one can experience practicing this sport:

❝SUP is not a sport, it is a lifestyle. I wake up every morning and choose to be on a paddling with a paddle in my hands, rather than being on any other kind of boat. Ride the waves is the best thing for me, but, mainly, to be in the middle of the ocean and enjoy this God’s creation. You have infinite possibilities with Stand-up paddling. Bring your partner, your children or even the home puppies and you will have a sailing experience that the whole family can enjoy.

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