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Kitesurf in Sardinia

Kitesurf in Sardinia is known and common, due to its favorable climate conditions. This sport was spread around the world by French and Hawaiians by the end of the 90’s.

This sport is very easy to learn. It is enough to have 12 to 14 hours of lessons to taste the pleasure of flying over the water taken by the wind. It is also easy to practice because as well as having easy to transport equipment, it is also very easy to rent it.

The ideal wind to practice kitesurf is between 12 and 24 knots, but with the right equipment, it is possible to practice also with winds that go from 8 to 40 knots. Sardinia is a desired destination for kitesurfers because of its windy shores and the mild climate that allows practicing kitesurf for many months during the year.

Where you can practice kitesurf Sardinia