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Kayak in Sardinia

To go kayaking in Sardinia, click on the icons on the map below to contact directly the agencies that offer this service (both guides and equipment rental).

To reunite the passion for kayak with the unpolluted Sardinian nature can be the right occasion to “unplug” from city life and delight yourself with close contact with nature.

In Sardinia, due to its mild climate, it is possible to go canoeing most part of the year and visiting different places.

It is possible to row in the crystalline unique Sardinian sea, but also along many rivers and lakes.
Many agencies are available and equipped to offer you the best assistance to let you enjoy the most of Sardinian nature, absorbing all the benefits only nature can give you.

Just click on the icons to contact the operators to know the best periods and zones according to your personal vacation plans.

Canoe or Kayak ?

The word canoe is the most generic, and it refers widely to all boats that are moved by paddles.

Italian athletes call their own boat canoe. The word canoe comes from North America and it states for a boat where the canoeist stays on his/her knees and uses a paddle with one side.

Kayak comes from Inuit people, where the canoeist remains seated and uses a paddle with two sides.

Nowadays the kayaks are the most common ones used in most disciplines as they are easier to use and allow a better performance. Kayaks are used in lake, river and sea tourism, for fishing, for speed races, extreme canoe and freestyle.(source: Michele Mazza)