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Holiday Farms in Sardinia

Here you have holiday farms in Sardinia where you can eat the typical dishes from the Sardinian tradition, prepared with local products.
Usually, in the holiday farms you can eat local cold cuts (sausage, cured ham, bacon, lard), homemade pasta with sauces prepared following traditional recipes with meat, vegetables cooked according to local recipes and roasted meat (including the typical piglet). The meal then finishes with local desserts, like seadas (local cheese stuffed pastry dressed with local honey) and many sweets prepared with almonds.

The Sardinian diet is being studied as Sardinia has many centenaries among its population and it may depend on their diet.

Use the zoom to move around the map below and choose where to eat, choose the location and make a call. It is mandatory to book as they are not restaurants but they prepare only for the expected guests.

Holiday Farms in Sardinia


The Sardinian cuisine is a simple one as it comes from a poverty period where women learned how to cook with what they had in the courtyard.

For example, the carasau bread, a crispy bread baked twice, was prepared this way to resist days as the shepherds use to stay days away from home and ate bread and cheese while away.

The different types of handmade pasta come from the period when wheat was ground at home, as everything was done literally at home. As well as being an island, transportation inside Sardinia wasn’t easy then, and so the families used to live with what they themselves cultivated in their courtyard, so as the animals they bred there too.

Still today many families in Sardinia butcher the pork by themselves, using all parts of the animal, nothing is thrown away. Everything is prepared to last for the whole winter, as used in old and difficult times.