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Golf in Sardinia

It is possible to play golf in Sardinia, even though the island is not known for this sport.

Golf players look for more courses, one close to the other, to a maximize profit regarding playing experiences.
But it is also true that a golfer is also a person who appreciates good food and wine, and also loves to know about the environment he/she is in.

Sardinia has 5 golf courses, distributed along its territory, giving the players the opportunity to see and know the culture of this island while going from one course to another.

There’s a great advantage in playing golf in Sardinia: the climate. The Mediterranean climate of the island allows playing golf for almost the whole year with temperatures that, during Winter, are around 50/59°F (10-15°C), with only a few days of rain.

You can click on the map below to check the courses websites and directly contact them for more information.