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clima della Sardegna

Climate of Sardinia

The climate of Sardinia is Mediterranean. The sea helps to define the climate with moderate temperature ranges (both daily than yearly), as the sea holds the warmth during summertime and releases it during winter.

The average temperatures in December and January are around 10-15°C (50-59°F).

Being an island, Sardinia is protected against cold waves and its shore zones have mild winters.

Below you can see the average hours of sun in Cagliari, along the whole year (source Climieviaggi):

months hours of sun
Jan 4
Feb 5
Mar 6
Apr 7
May 9
Jun 10
Jul 11
Aug 10
Sep 8
Oct 6
Nov 5
Dec 4

Rain is not so abundant in Sardinia, as shown below:

months days of rain
Jan 8
Feb 8
Mar 7
Apr 6
May 4
Jun 2
Jul 1
Aug 1
Sep 4
Oct 6
Nov 8
Dec 8